Bert and Olive – Night lights for little people

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Back in the day when I was a little girl I was far too scared to sleep in the dark because I thought that the boogeyman lived in the cupboard or under my bed. I would insist on the hallway light staying on.

My mother, keen to bring down her electricity bill bought me a beautiful porcelain nightlight of     ” Old Mother Hubbard’s” house, and every night after she had tucked me in for the night, she would turn on my magical light, and the most wonderful scene would illuminate, and light would fill all the corners of my room so that I could sleep sound.

Fast Forward to the Twenty-Tens and I have stumbled across a company making beautiful night lights for delightful boys and girls that are reminiscent of my childhood.

Now Bertie has been lucky enough to inherit the rather vintage “Old Mother Hubbard” but if my beautiful daughter Delphine had been alive today, I would of definitely purchased the very pretty rambling rose cottage for her.

The company is White Rabbit England and they have an enchanting array of wonderful gifts and goodies for our treasured little ones.

The night light prices range from £45.00 to £58.00. They currently have 10% off for Autumn, so get your plastic out and order one today. Enter code AUTUMN1 to get your discount. They also have free delivery and returns, which keeps the price down even more for you. How very considerate during these austerity years.


Love Olive x