Bert and Olive – Double Take

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‘Tis fair to say that I am turning heads at the moment. Unfortunately not for my devastatingly good looks but because my baby is on oxygen and where-ever we go, so too does the O2 canister.

I have to say I was a little daunted by the prospect of attempting any kind of normal life knowing I had this canister in tow, however after a few weeks its not proving too bad, the key is in the planning.

We were given four canisters, two very large ones for home use, and two portable ones which are in a back pack so at best it looks as if I am about to get my crampons on and scale a Mountain.

Its not light, so ideally I use it with the pram and stow the canister under the pram, however if I am just “popping in” somewhere, a concept that is ridiculous to even suggest with any baby, least of all one with oxygen then the three of us go in together. Without doubt it has saved me money, as I have so much to carry before I even enter the shop that I really cannot browse and therefore just grab and go.

What I have experienced on my travels so far is that lots of people do like to gaze, sometimes wide eyed whether they realise they are doing it or not. I imagine its out of curiosity more than anything, most people seem to guess Bertie’s a premie baby and will talk about their experiences, others ask how old he is, but the worst offenders seem to be the older generation (not all) who have come bouncing over to me cooing as they have spotted the pram, and are ready to pounce on the little bundle inside and then when they take a peek and see Bertie, they seem to freeze, recoil and act a little strange. Anyone would think I had Bubbles the chimpanzee in there.

Rest assured ladies, you do not offend me, nor Bertie, I am sure its not something you see every day, same as that dreadful blue rinse you have upon your head, which has me running for the hills, so me thinks we are even.

One lady in a well known supermarket where every little helps even came up to me, and suggested that I should carry some sort of flag so people could see I was carrying oxygen and try not to ram me in the aisles with their trolley as she so nearly had done.

So the lessons learnt so far is that having a baby on oxygen not only saves you money, it minimises trolley rage, but best to swerve golden oldies due to awkward pauses.

I am looking like an overly worked pack horse at the moment, so one thing I have invested in, is a jolly good baby bag. I have so much to carry, that I cannot balance that delightful little Mulberry off my shoulder any longer.

Yes I am aware I have to be practical, but you can be stylish with it too.

Enter Storksak. The upper echelons of the baby bag world. They have a plethora of scrumptious bags to choose from, I spent hours comparing the masses, and hedged my bets on the Storksak Elizabeth in tan, which I literally drool over every time I am packing for a trip.Enough space for Bertie’s bits, and mine too. Heck if the O2 canister wanted me to carry something for him I would oblige, theres oodles of space. Its a luxurious soft leather and comes with a changing mat, insulated bottle holder, removable vanity case ( nice touch, they knew I was coming) and wipe clean lining throughout, which trust me is needed if you are clumsy butterfingers like me.

This bag is a dream purchase and one of my staple buys in mumsy world and if my other half asks you, it cost half the price.

Storksak Elizabeth £198.00 sold in John Lewis – Free standard delivery for all orders over £50


Little Bertie update: 8lb 3 ounces at 4 months old and doing well.


12 thoughts on “Bert and Olive – Double Take

  1. Keep going liv it get s easier babe before you know it he ll be bouncing around giving you back chat !!!!! Your doing fantastic welcome to the mother land lol x x x

  2. Hi Olivia, I’m a friend of Claudines & love reading your blog. I too am a 1st time Mum to Valentina now 3 months after having IVF bu my journey was plain sailing compared to what you went through but really pleased to hear Bertie is doing well. Re your latest blog my Husband is on oxygen 24/7 for a heart & lung condition & gets stared at a lot but we much prefer it when people actually ask him why he’s on it. He has portables to go out with that are really heavy when full but he just about manages to hang them over the pram so it takes the weight instead of his shoulders! I hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog but I just wanted to empathise about the oxygen therapy (as they call it) it would be so much better if the tanks were more discreet or if they made holdalls for them as lush as your baby bag!

    • Hi Linzi! Many thanks for your comments! It does feel like your on show as everyone just stares! I empathise with your husband and hope he is ok. We will have to design a special bag just for him and a saucy little number for me! It would make carrying oxygen that little bit more bearable! xx

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