Sleeping with the Enemy

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Premature baby or Guinea pig?

Bertie or Britney?

OK, so we had been warned about premature babies being noisy, and then multiply that by a million again because he’s a chronic lung baby to boot.

However I really hadn’t envisaged just how noisy my little one would be !

It takes me back to my days of rooming in with my delightful sister Miriam, when I happened upon a Guinea Pig who was being kicked out of an unwanted home and I stepped in to save the day.

I named her Britney, and to quote the Spice Girls , two became one. She went everywhere with me and slept in my room. She was the noisiest little thing I’d ever met, squeaks and squeals went on for hours as well as the obligatory kicking of the sawdust as she did laps around her cage. I never slept a wink, and evil sister on more than one occasion carted the cage to the window and threatened to dispose of my darling Britney due to the sleep deprivation we were enduring.

Bertie is a Guinea Pig. He grunts and squeals, and smacks his lips. He can sound like a firework being let off, or the arrival of the circus in town. I am constantly peering into his moses basket like a startled rabbit panicked at what sight is to behold me.

I don’t know the real reason why Prem babies are so noisy, or when he will grow out of it.

All I can do is watch from the sidelines every night marvelling at how my tiny miracle sleeps through oblivious.

My new little guinea pig x



7 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy

  1. How funny – I am shocked at this revelation though being as you were so obsessed Miriam with Lola and Watership Down, can’t believe you’d be so cruel lol!

    Looking forward to future blogs, keep em coming! Xx

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