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Bert and Olive is a blog about my life with my brand new bundle of joy. It wasn’t supposed to be in this format though, the life I nearly had was very different.

Bertie was a twin, and when I found out I was pregnant  I wanted to record my daily life and new mummy experiences of having twins, and the trials and tribulations that ensues.

However early on in my pregnancy I developed severe Pre-Eclampsia which saw the twins arrive into the world three months early weighing 980g and 365g and ultimately took the life of my beloved daughter and sister to Bert, and nearly took mine.

Life through the looking glass is different now, so this blog is intended to be about my experiences of having a premature baby and the steep learning curve of being a first time mum, as well as the successes and pitfalls we go through together.

This mummy lark is a new career for me, minus the suits and stilettos.  

So I am going to embrace the moment and give it my best shot.

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44 thoughts on “Bert and me

    • Thank you Helana for texting me every day when i was in hospital with pre-eclampsia, you kept my spirits up and made me laugh alot at a really bad time, which is what I needed , love you lots xx

  1. Olivia I love that you have decided to share your experiences. Your journey has been such a roller coaster and I think you can help other woman in your situation. Cx

  2. Liv you will be a great mum what a great piece you and your other half are going to enjoy the many adventures that lie ahead x

  3. I had always planned to write a blog when we found out Thomas was born deaf, but time ran away and it got harder and harder to ‘get around to it’! Well done for actually going for it! x

  4. Wow Olivia, we haven’t spoken or seen one another for years, but reading this was so moving… I’m so sorry to hear of your sad loss, but congratulations to joining the mummy club! It is the most amazing job & one I have loved every second of the past 2 years. I look forward to hearing about your journey – take care xxxx

  5. Olivia , I felt so much joy for you when I heard you’d had your beautiful babies, followed by such heartache for your loss of Delphine. I know how precious children are and the worries they bring. I think about you and little Bertie all the time wishing you All the happiness in the world for the most wonderful , worrying, stressful ride of your life lol ….. What your doing is fantastic I can’t wait to read your blog I m going to read it to my brood x x lots of love becky x x x x x

  6. This is amazing and will really help others. Didn’t know you were so tech savvy! Let me know if you need any help from my Marketing team at work, I can ask. Hugs and kisses xxx

  7. Such happy and sad times for you all, my heart went out to you. Well done for sharing your personal experiences, I’m sure it will help lots if people, I look forward to reading it! Congratulations and welcome to mummy hood lots of love Tasha xxxx

  8. I wanted to follow your blogs but I accidentally deleted it, so I think I need to leave another comment to follow you! All the best xxxx

  9. So looking forward to reading about your journey with your little man in tow. Welcome to motherhood the most rewarding job in the world xx

  10. Look forward to reading further updates, you have been through so much so glad you and Bert are doing well babes, sending hugs xxx

  11. What a great idea to share something that is so close to you and no doubt so raw. I look forward to reading more, x x x

  12. God bless you. First time mummyhood is tricky enough without all the added complications. I wish you well and will follow your adventures.

  13. Liv, I am looking forward to reading all about your family adventures. I finally managed to give blood yesterday after many failed attempts at finding somewhere that had spaces. Booked in again for NYE 🙂

  14. Was lovely to see you and Bertie the other day.
    You are an amazing person Olivia and your bravery and courage is admirable…
    Climb till your Dreams Come True…
    Love & Hugs
    LucyAnn Simon & Sonny xxx

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